Monday, July 22, 2013

music monday; current music

I feel like I have a pretty varied taste in music. Anything from rap to punk, rock, folk, pop, electronic, a bit of everything really. I definitely go through phases with the music I listen to. Here are 5 bands/musicians I've been listening to a lot lately:

Photocomfort | folk
Led by singer & write Justine Bowe, Photocomfort is a folk band from Boston, Massachusetts. I feel like Justine has such a beautiful, unique voice. She's very, very talented.

Maniac | ???
Their music is pretty hard to describe. Sometimes they sound like a Queen cover band, sometimes like a boy band, and other times they're just a completely unique sound. I know that makes it sound weird, but whatever, check them out. :p

Old Crow Medicine Show | folk/bluegrass
Adrian first introduced me to Old Crow by showing me the documentary Big Easy Express. If you're a fan of folk and bluegrass I really recommend it. It also includes Mumford & Sons and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. I was very sad when I heard that Willie Watson left the band.

Watsky | rap
George Watsky combines rap and slam poetry in such a beautiful and creative way. The way he's able to speak the words he does as fast as he does is pretty incredible.

The Oh Hellos | folk rock
The Oh Hellos are a brother and sister duo from Texas. Beautiful folk music with some well done gospel music from their local church.

1| Maniac // Thank Each Mistake
2| Maniac // Always Is A Promise
3| Maniac // Hoo Doo
4| Old Crow Medicine Show // Next Go 'Round
5| Old Crow Medicine Show // Carry Me Back To Virginia
6| Old Crow Medicine Show // Wagon Wheel
7| Photocomfort // Holy Ropes
8| Photocomfort // Coal Cave
9| Photocomfort // My Mistake
10| Watsky // Kill A Hipster
11| Watsky // Fireworks
12| Watsky // Tiny Glowing Screens, Pt1
13| The Oh Hellos // The Truth Is A Cave
14| The Oh Hellos // Wishing Well
15| The Oh Hellos // In Memoriam

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