Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween Mood Table 2014

The concept is from Dinosaur Dracula. For Christmas you put up a Christmas tree, but for Halloween you have the mood table. Every time we light it up it feels so much like Halloween in our room. I really love the atmosphere while we're watching horror movies. Adrian decided he wanted to watch 31 this month, like I tried and failed to do last year. I think I would have done a much better job had I not been trying to watch them on my own. I'm so happy he's in the holiday spirit for Halloween, hopefully that carries on into Christmas. Anyway, here is our 2014 Halloween Mood Table:

The hand painting in the middle is by my fiance, Adrian. :)

These Left 4 Dead posters are currently hanging above our bed. They were a gift from my younger sister. 

Underneath the tv, behind everything, there are a couple records and a piece of art we got from comic con a few years back. Over the windows we have two Friday the 13th movie posters and a Nightmare on Elm Street poster, all from the remakes. Since they're theater posters the light comes through them and it looks pretty spooky.

1. // A vintage 1960's Casper doll Adrian and I bought a few years ago at a thrift shop. It's a little dirty but the voice box still works
2. & 3. // Light up pumpkin and skeleton honey comb decoration; both from Fun Corner, a local costume shop.
4. // A vintage Halloween candy dish I found last year.
5. // Baskets holding Hostess Scary Cakes and Halloween Twinkies.
6. // Carved pumpkin and werewolf Vinylmation's.
7. // We bought these skulls at Olvera Street in Los Angeles a couple of years ago. We have them out all year anyway, but we liked them for this table too.
8. // Adrian got a pack of 8 of these bear things from Fun Corner.
9. // The extra Ghostbuster's Krispy Kreme box they gave us.
10. // A weird head trick-or-treat pail on top of a Halloween music record sleeve.
11. // The Halloween banner I made last year. I originally had it hanging in front of the windows, like last year, but we moved it once we put up the posters.