Monday, November 3, 2014

October 2014 Photo a Day Recap.

You may have already seen my post about it, but over on instagram I decided to do a photo a day challenge during the month of October. I was mostly successful, I only missed two days. I had a lot of fun coming up with things to take pictures of. I definitely don't think I could do this every month, though. I'll probably do it again in December. Below are the pictures I took all month!

1. Something wicked // Hocus Pocus! I didn't end up watching it this year. We were too busy watching 31 horror movies.
2. Childhood costume //  I believe this was a last minute Esmerelda costume. I even carried around my goat beanie baby. The skirt belonged to my mom and I kinda wish I still had it. I loved that thing. 
3. Ghost // I don't know if I've shown our Casper doll before, but it's a 1960's Casper doll that we found at a antique store a few years ago. It's a little dirty but the voice still works!
4. Halloween Snack // I did a lot of Halloween decoration shopping this day but I failed to buy an actual Halloween snack. This worked.    
5. Me // Me in my costume from last year. I'm still really proud of it.                          
6. Leaves // I was very tempted to buy these bags. They were at a really cool costume shop here in town.                      
7. Sweater // I love sweaters so much. I'm so happy it's cooled down enough where I can wear them.
8. Black and white //  Do you guys remember those little izone polaroid cameras from the early 00's?  This is a picture I took at least ten years ago of my cats. I can't believe I've been able to hold onto it this long.      
9. Watching // You have to watch the horror Boy Meets World episode during Halloween. You have to.
10. Homemade // My Halloween banner I made last year.           
11. Cozy // I got the days mixed up somehow. This day was supposed to be 'In the dark' and vice versa. I was still pretty sick so I was drinking more tea. I still have a little bit of a cough, but it's mostly gone.         
12. In the dark // We started making our Halloween Mood Table.                        
13. Mask // I've been looking for a green mask for my Robin costume for a while. This one was perfect.                      
14. Dinner // I was too busy enjoying dinner to take a picture so I took one later of my dessert.
15. Scary Movie // This was pretty much the one night we didn't watch a horror movie all month. Then I forgot to take one the next day to make up for it.
16. Tradition // Making a Halloween mood table is going to be our new tradition. I loved it so much and I was sad to take it down yesterday.
17. Morning // Painting my nails. :)
18. Leaves // I don't know how I missed it, but when I was making my list I somehow put 'leaves' on there twice. Oops.
19. Six pm // Our neighborhood looks really pretty when the sun is setting. 
20. Nostalgia // Our Halloween costumes from 2011. That was a really good Halloween. We had a snow storm which was pretty crazy. It never snows that early in Virginia.
21. Orange // One of many painted pumpkins decorating Fun Corner.
22. Decorations // We didn't really do much decorating outside the house this year, aside from this one headstone. No one was home on Halloween night so I don't think anyone cared. 
23. What I'm wearing // I was only able to wear this sweater for a few hours that morning, but it was worth it.
24. Collection // A few months when these came out we bought all of them. I think they look really cool in this display case.
25. Pumpkin // We didn't buy any pumpkins this year (again, no one was home on Halloween so no point) but I saw these at Ralph's. I love tiny pumpkins.
26. Bake // We have had that can of pumpkin for a while and I was dying to make pumpkin bread. I should have put bake earlier on the month! 
27. Scary // Adrian made such a cool mask for his Halloween costume. He was Professor Pyg from Batman. The costume was super creepy.
28. Black // A ghost pillow that I forgot I had until the month was almost over. I used to have a blanket to go with it.
29. Words // I made this because I love the Haunted Mansion. Adrian did the words and I made the painting.
30. Candy // Another baking day! I made a few treats to take to my sister's Halloween party.
31. Halloween! // My sister and I on Halloween. You can't really tell but I wore this. I was supposed to be Man Bat from Batman and my sister was Harley Quinn. It was the most comfortable costume I've ever worn.

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