Thursday, October 9, 2014

Too sick to post and what I did this week.

I've been pretty sick the last two weeks so I haven't really had a chance to post anything. I'm finally starting to feel better so I thought I'd post some pictures I took this weekend and the last couple of days.

I did a lot of eating again this weekend. We also spent most of Saturday with my sister and her boyfriend going to different places to look at Halloween stuff. We then spent the evening at their apartment playing games (video and board). It was a lot of fun.

Other (kind of) interesting stuff I did this week was drive an hour round trip to get the new Ghostbuster's Krispy Kreme donuts. They were delicious and well worth the drive, but the filling did not taste like marshmallow. Which was fine. I also tried their pumpkin cheesecake donut and it was amazing. We also went to our local costume shop, Fun Corner, to check out what they had and to get some more stuff for our Halloween mood table. I will get into that more in a later post once it's finished. I'm really excited about it.

Just a reminder, if you want to join in on my October photo a day challenge you can get the details here.

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