Thursday, September 26, 2013

my october goal;

You have no idea how excited I am for this October. Fall is my absolute favorite season and Halloween is my favorite holiday. Now, I know it isn't going to be the same now that I practically live in the desert. I think I can look forward to cooler temperatures, but not like I'm used to and definitely not the gloomy rainy days I love. But I'll try and make the best of it anyway. It helps that Adrian's best friend from VA is coming to visit and so is my sister and her boyfriend (who also happens to be Adrian's best friend from High school).

This year I'm going to try and watch at least one horror movie (or just generally scary or Halloweenish) every day in October. It's going to be hard depending on my schedule, but I'm excited! My sister was able to keep up with it last year and I'm hoping this year I can too. I've put together a list of the movies I plan to watch, but I'm not going to hold myself to specific ones on specific days. I know that I'd get annoyed by that if I didn't feel like watching a certain movie. I'm trying to make this easy on myself.

My favorite horror movies are the old ones from the 60's - 80's or the ones that are so bad they're good. I've put together a pretty long list... I like to give myself options. I'm going to post my list on my listography page and cross them off as I go.

I already have a list of just over 40 movies to choose from, but feel free to suggest any movies that I haven't added to my list. :)


  1. YES! I'm so excited for Halloween too, it's my favorite holiday! :). Jeepers Creepers is amazing, in a funny/weird kind of way! Trick R Treat is pretty good. Insidious was creepy and amazing. I'm so excited right now!! lol.


    1. My sisters and I used to watch Jeepers Creepers all the time when we were younger. lol. I love Trick R Treat and Insidious creeped me out so much. Have you seen the sequel? I can't wait for Halloween!!