Sunday, September 1, 2013

september first;

I can't believe it's already September 1st. This year is going by unbelievably fast. Guys, they already have Pumpkin Spice everything at some Starbucks! This is very exciting, I know. Very soon we're going to have visitors! In a few weeks my mom is coming to visit, which I'm very excited about. Then at the very end of September our good friend Connor is coming to visit us from VA, along with my older sister Nicole and her boyfriend. We're going to do all the Halloween activities in the area. Like Knott's Scary Farm, Universal Halloween Horror Nights, and maybe Disneyland.

This month I hope to start back up with some creative things. I'm trying to get myself some hobbies that get me away from my laptop. Even if just for a little while. I want to continue scrapbooking, get back into making little felt dolls, and I plan to start doing yoga. I was in a major creative mood last night so I made some "friendship bracelets". I loved making those when I was a kid. They remind me of the road trip my family took from Maryland to California and back. My sisters, my cousin Brittany, and I made a TON of them out of string from a blanket while listening to mix cds of boybands and other cheesy pop music. It's one of my favorite memories.

Anyway, so back to this month... This month I want to bake all the things! However I'm worried that no one else will want to eat what I bake. Like I said, I don't really know what Adrian's family likes in terms of food. What if they don't like pumpkin!? I already know that Adrian could care less about it, so I may be the only person eating everything. And this is where I'm going to end this rambly mess. I hope you all had a great long weekend. I'm back at work tomorrow. We only get the big holidays off in retail (and sometimes not even those, depending on where you work)...

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