Thursday, November 7, 2013

my 4 holiday goals;

Last week the girls over at A Beautiful Mess posted their 4 simple goals for the end of this year. Their post inspired me to do some of my own, but all holiday related. The holidays are a busy time for everyone and some simple things can be forgotten. This post might be a bit early, as it's only the first week of November, but I wanted to get it out of the way so I can start planning so that I can accomplish all of my goals. These are my four simple goals to complete for the upcoming holiday season. Wish me luck!

1. Make and send Christmas cards to all of my friends and family.
This is probably the one I'm most excited about completing. Last year I made some really simple cards for my co-workers and I had so much fun making them! Combining that with my love of sending and receiving mail, this is going to be a pretty easy goal for me to accomplish.

2. Bake at least once a week during December.
This is one that the family will be pretty happy about. Every year I always get really excited to bake pies, cookies, etc but I never follow through. This year I want to change that and try to bake something, even something small, at least once a week.

3. Make my own holiday decorations.
I've realized that I've spent far too much money on decorations in the past and now they're all sitting in boxes in my parents garage in South Carolina. They're all still perfectly good, and I love them, but we didn't have the space to bring them along with us. Until I'm able to get them back I've decided to make all of my own decorations, either from scratch or by altering cheap craft store or 99 cent store decorations.

4. Start doing yoga.
Not exactly holiday related, but I've been meaning to start for the longest time. What's a better time than when I'm planning to bake at least once a week? :p

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