Thursday, March 13, 2014

happy kitchen donut kit

A few posts ago I mentioned that Adrian had bought and made a Happy Kitchen Hamburger Kit. It was my turn this time. We found another Japanese store in a mall near where we live and I chose the Donut making kit. It went a lot better than expected. When we made the hamburgers we watched a tutorial on YouTube since all of the instructions are in Japanese, but this time we decided to just wing it. They're mostly self explanatory anyway.

The box includes containers for mixing and molding, a mini measuring cup for water, a spoon, sprinkles,vanilla donut mix, chocolate donut mix, an icing bag, and icing mix - in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

First you mix the donut mix with water. The package didn't say how much water to add so I just improvised. I believe I added water 5-6 times with the cup provided. Once the mixture forms a solid ball you press the dough into the two donut forms. They also show you how to make them into animal faces, but I chose to just use the molds. One big difference from the hamburger kit is that you don't need to microwave anything. I thought you'd have to 'cook' the donut dough, but I guess not.

Once you have your four donut forms, mix the icing powder with one scoop of water. Then decorate! I had a lot of fun decorating these and they were really cute. I almost didn't want to eat them. Aside from the odd texture of the dough these actually tasted pretty good. The icing was really delicious. The most exciting part for me was that the rainbow sprinkles were the really crunchy kind. I absolutely love those.

If you want a cool little food experiment I would definitely check these kits out.They're not too pricey for a one, or two, time thing. I paid $7.99 for this kit, but I don't know if it's the same price everywhere. Kids would definitely love them and they're a good way to kill 30 minutes, plus you get a treat after. Bonus!

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