Tuesday, March 11, 2014

old friends, great friends

Last weekend we were fortunate enough to be able to meet up with some friends from Virginia at Disneyland. Our friend, Chris, was born and, I believe, raised in California and his girlfriend had never been here so he decided to bring her for a weekend trip. Mainly to get away from the horrible weather they were having back East. We were so excited to see some familiar faces and to spend time with them in one of our favorite places.

The plans changed a couple of times, but we settled on spending Saturday at Disney. Despite the rain, we had an amazing time at the park. Definitely one of my favorite times visiting. Between the rain keeping people away and Adrian needing to use a wheelchair that day, we ended up getting on nearly every ride in Disneyland AND California Adventure. They had made reservations at the Blue Bayou restaurant. That was really nice for Adrian and I because that is where we got engaged, almost exactly 2 years ago on that date. Dinner was amazing as always

Once we were done at Disneyland we went and got some drinks at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney. It was such a great day and night and I can't wait until we can see our friends again. We're hoping to do a small trip to the East coast at some point this Summer, mainly to see my parents and brother. If we do we're going to try and squeeze in a little time to visit friends in Virginia.

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