Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My Favorite Youtube Channels.

I'm not sure why, but in the last few months I've really gotten into watching youtube videos. You would think that, since I never would have met my fiance had it not been for YT, that I would have been more into it in the past, but alas I wasn't. My favorite types of channels right now are daily vloggers(!) and booktube vloggers. Here is a list of my current faves:


You've probably seen Caty's bra fitting video (from her lifestyle/beauty channel) that got shared all over the internet last year, which is how I found her. While I also like that channel, what I really love is Caty and her husband Blake's vlogging channel. Blake is currently serving in the military and they're stationed in Las Vegas, originally from WA. I just love watching their daily lives even when nothing in particular is going on. They are such a sweet couple and their dog is adorable.


I actually first found Fran on instagram where she posts daily illustrations if herself (and her cat). I started following her because I love her illustrations. It wasn't until much later that I found out she had a youtube channel. She mostly makes videos about art and art supplies, but she also uploads some daily vlogs and random videos. She is super adorable and I looove her accent.


Now this is kind of a weird one for me to be posting. HeyItsPriguel is a daily vlog channel by a couple who lives in San Diego...and it's all in Spanish. Despite my fiance being Mexican I can't speak Spanish at all! But that's where he comes in. We always watch their videos together. Sometimes he will translate the whole video for me and sometimes just the important parts. They're not super consistent with their uploads but their videos are always fun and the editing is different than most daily vloggers I've seen. So if you speak Spanish (or don't..) you should check them out. Priscila also has a lifestyle channel.

I should really learn Spanish one day...


You may or may not already know about Kristina as she's been on youtube forever. She makes videos about a lot of different things, but lately she mostly does book videos. She also does a lot of subscription box and clothing hauls. I absolutely love her book reviews. I feel like she and I have very similar taste in books so she's always great to get book recommendations from.

Other notable mentions (vloggers I've very recently subscribed to so I don't have a whole lot to say about them yet):

JesseTheReader (booktube), PeruseProject (booktube), SaidTheStory (booktube), SavannahAndStuff (beauty/lifestyle..ish).

I would love some more channel rec's, especially daily vloggers as I seem to have a very hard time finding them. Also, if you have a channel let me know and I'll check it out!

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