Tuesday, September 17, 2013

pinned; my halloween inspiration

I realized that I don't actually have as many Halloween decorations as I thought I did so I've decided to try and make some this year. My favorite type of decorations are vintage or vintage inspired. I find vintage Halloween decorations and costumes to be much creepier than anything we've come up with these days. There is just something so haunting about those black and white pictures of kids in homemade costumes that really gets to me, in the best way.

These are going to be my main inspiration, along with the Disneyland decorations I shared, for whatever I make. I used to use my fireplace mantel as my focal point, so to speak, for my seasonal decorations. Since I no longer have one, in lieu of that I'll be using the three smaller windows on the wall across from my bed as my main decorated spot. I'm thinking of also having little pieces around the room to tie it all together, like my candy bowl on my desk. I can't wait to get to the craft store and to start making things! When I do I'll share them here with you guys.

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