Thursday, November 14, 2013

getting my shopping done early!

This year I've decided to get my Christmas shopping done early. Partly because I don't want to have to stress last minute and partly because I'd rather it be done so that I don't have to worry about my finances later on. I love 3 paycheck months! I've already bought one gift and I've done some online 'window' shopping. I'm making small lists for everyone I need to shop for and then I'm going to narrow it down befire purchasing. I might also try giving some handmade gifts out this year.

This may sound crazy, but I think the only reason I'm okay with being far from my family for the holidays this year is because it means I get to send packages. Weird, I know. I just love sending and receiving mail; especially packages! I'm really looking forward to putting together packages for my parents, my brother, and my older sister who lives too far in California for me to visit. My younger sister will be the only one I can give my gift to in person. I have a good feeling about this Christmas.

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