Tuesday, December 31, 2013

my year in instagram photos; 2013

This has been a crazy year and it's all flown by so fast. I got really nostalgic making this post. I'm a very sentimental person, so it's not that hard. I know I've said this before, but I'm really glad I have something like Instagram so I can capture all of the little things that I otherwise wouldn't have thought to take a picture of. One of these days I'll get most of these printed.

Here are some of my favorite Instagram photos from this year.

May was such a crazy month. The fact that all of this happened within the span of 31 days blows my mind. Most of the month was spent preparing for our move, mainly cleaning and packing. We also tried to fit in some time with our friends before leaving. One of the hardest things I've done this year was saying goodbye to them.

June and most of July was our vacation from work. I'm not gonna lie it was nice, really nice, but money was needed so back to work we went. Although it is't the same as our old store (miss you, T1874!), I still really like the store I'm at now. The people there are really great and I'm enjoying the department I work in more than I thought I would.

 October was a lot of fun. We were visited by an old friend and by my sister and her boyfriend. It was really good seeing them again. Hopefully in the upcoming year we'll see more of them. It's hard being in the same state as someone, but still so far away. California is huge! I had so much fun making my paper mache cat mask for Halloween. I still want to try making another one. Possibly just for decoration this time.

December went by ridiculously fast, almost like it never happened. I've been really enjoying this cold weather. I never thought I would be happy about cold weather, but 100+ degree Summers here made it possible. Christmas definitely wasn't the same without my family, but it was still a really nice day. It's hard to believe I've been living in California for nearly 7 months!

All in all this was a very eventful year. Not a great one, but not bad either. Let's hope for an even better 2014!! Happy New Years, everyone!

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