Saturday, December 7, 2013

Local Adventures; McDonald's Museum

Here in San Bernardino we have the site of the first McDonald's restaurant. Not the original building, however. That was torn down years ago. The new building is used as the offices of a restaurant chain here in California, but also as an unofficial McDonald's museum. On our way to see Frozen on my birthday we passed the museum and decided to finally check it out.

The restaurant that used to be here was the McDonald's brothers original BBQ restaurant. That is until they realized they could make a larger profit by reducing their menu items to just hamburgers, which were their best seller, fountain drinks and milkshakes.

Most of the 'museum' is their large collection of Happy Meal toys. It was so much fun seeing the toys I remember having as a kid. Sadly, my mom got rid of them years ago. I even remembered the toy displays that held all of the toy options (check out the Bobby's World one below!!). So many memories!

Although pretty cool, the museum isn't something I'd go out of my way to see. But if you're in the area already, or passing through (It's a route 66 attraction), it's worth checking out for the nostalgia alone. Also free!

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