Tuesday, December 3, 2013

happy birthday to me;

Sweater - Forever21 // Dress & Lion King socks - Hot Topic // iPhone Case - Section 6

Today I turned 25 years old! Although I wasn't able to go to Disneyland this past weekend like I had planned, I had a really nice day today. I woke up to some amazing and thoughtful gifts from my family, I had a delicious brunch, and then we went to go see Disney's Frozen.  I loved the movie and I think it might be one of Disney's prettiest movies to date. The ice and snow!! On the way there we decided to finally go into the McDonald's museum that's here in San Bernardino, more on that later..

We had originally planned to go check out a local French Macaron bakery, but after the movie we decided to just go home and relax since we have work in the morning. We might check it out at some point this week, though. As soon as I heard there was a place to get Macaron's in SB I've been craving them like crazy! I hear it's really good so I'm excited.

 (Excuse these pictures - I'm not very comfortable taking pictures of myself yet :P)

Now if you'll excuse me, Adrian's dad made Ceviche for dinner tonight specially for my birthday. Yum!

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