Tuesday, January 7, 2014

meet woody!

On Saturday night Adrian's dad brought home this gorgeous guy. He is a German Shepherd/Sheepdog mix and is just 2 months old. They got him from a ranch in San Diego, but other than that I don't know much about where he came from. It seems like he was well taken care of.

He is such a good dog so far. He needs a lot of training, potty training most importantly. But he is so docile and playful, it's great. Adrian seems to be his favorite at the moment. He follows him everywhere and loves to lick his face and hands. These were all taken his first night here, after his much needed bath, so he was pretty exhausted. He's doing great now and loves to play! He's isn't technically our dog, he belongs to Adrian's dad, step mom, and little brother. The great thing about that is we get all the fun bits of owning a dog and none of the mess! :p However, I really hope this causes Adrian to want a dog in the future when we have our own home. Until recently he was dead set against getting a pet, but I think Woody is making him rethink that. He loves the little guy!

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