Saturday, March 29, 2014

Where did the week go?

This week has flown by! Last Friday my younger sister and her boyfriend came over to play board games and have a few drinks. We had so much fun. We played Tsuro, Tsuro of the Sea, Forbidden Island, and Sopio. Aside from that night the most exciting thing we've done this week was go see The Grand Budapest Hotel at the Arclight in Pasadena, which I mentioned here. The movie was incredible and so pretty! It's definitely in my top three favorite Wes Anderson movies.

I also picked up the sequel to Maze Runner from the library on Wednesday. It's killing me not to finish it right away. I'm so happy that I ended up loving an impulse buy this much. I only read for a couple hours today, but I only have a little bit left. I really wish our library was a little closer so I could immediately grab the last two. I might hold off and save them for the second week of April. My dad is coming to town and Adrian and I are going to make the 10 hour drive with him to visit my older sister in Northern California. We've never been to the town where she lives, but we hear all good things. I can't wait!

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