Friday, April 25, 2014

April Favorites (2014)

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These are some of my favorite things this month! 

1 // This Wednesday Addams art by Nan Lawson is really pretty. 
2 // I really want to add some basic clothing pieces to my wardrobe. At the moment I own a lot of patterned things, which makes it difficult to mix and match. 
3 // Game of Thrones is back!!!
4 // I still haven't bought any midi/knuckle rings. These ones are beautiful!
5 // I don't have any polish in these colors and I think I need to remedy that.
6 // I ran across these air plants while browsing the gardening section on etsy. I think an air plant would be the perfect in door plant for me as my room doesn't get enough sunlight for most plants. Apparently they only need moderate sunlight.
7 // I've been eyeing these canvas maroon Doc Martens for a looong time. They're out of my price range right now, but one day they will be mine!!

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