Monday, August 11, 2014

I can't stop reading!

A couple weeks ago I decided to try out the book app Oyster. Our library here is too far from the house to justify going on practically a weekly basis, and I definitely can't afford to purchase books all of the time, so I wanted to try to find a solution. I first tried out the app Scribd, but I wasn't very impressed with their selection. Oyster's selection is, obviously, not super new books but it does have a much better selection. At first I was worried. I haven't read anything at length online since my Harry Potter fan fiction reading days and I definitely have never read anything on my phone. Fortunately I recently got a new phone with a much bigger screen. I never would have read anything on my iPhone. If you want to try out Oyster there's a 30 free trial.

Since downloading the app, and re-igniting my love for reading, I've read 6 books through Oyster and 3 elsewhere. I can't seem to read anything but young adult books right now, but that's fine with me. The way I see it is that I read to be entertained and if those books entertain me, who cares? It's the same reason I watch Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf. Anyways, I'm going to try to start doing book reviews. I'll probably wait until I've read 3-4 books and then do short reviews for all of them in one post.

I've started using my Goodreads account. If you want to check out what I'm reading you can find me here. I would love to be friends with any fellow readers and I would definitely be interested in some recommendations. I set up a 2014 reading challenge over there and so far I'm 56% finished. I'm pretty proud of that. :)

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