Friday, February 20, 2015

Three months gone

Wow. It's been almost three months since I took a break from blogging and, honestly, it feels like so much longer than that. I guess that's what happens when you stop doing something during the busiest time of the year. I hadn't planned on starting back up again until we had internet back at the house but I've missed it so I'll just have to work with what I've got (aka the data on my phone).
Instead of writing a seperate post on what I've been up to since November I thought I'd just give you some highlights. I added links to some instagram pictures so I don't go crazy adding all of them to this post. Here we go!

  • We had a short but sweet Thanksgiving, as Adrian and I work in retail and had to be at work at 6pm on Thanksgiving day!! In the early afternoon my younger sister, Kendall, and her boyfriend came over to have an early dinner with me, Adrian, Adrian's brother Gabriel, and Gabriel's friend. Afterwards we were able to squeeze in a quick board game before we had to get ready to leave. 1 // 2 // 3

  • In early December I won a contest on instagram run by Diana Willard. The prize was a beautiful painting by Diana. I've never won a contest like that so it was pretty exciting. I also had a really nice birthday. Again, my younger sister came over. We went to dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory and saw Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One. 1 // 2 // 3

  • Our truck schedule went from 6am to 4am for 4th quarter, so we basically were zombies for a couple of months. Going to bed at 9pm is very weird for us.
  • A few days before Christmas I said goodbye to my sister before she flew back East for Christmas. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go and it was really upsetting, again.. retail. ugh. It was the last time I'm going to see her for a really long time. Almost as soon as she and her boyfriend got back from their trip they moved to Washington. I'm really happy for them, but I miss her a lot. 1 // 2

  • The morning of Christmas eve Adrian and I opened most of our presents since we were driving to Anaheim to spend Christmas with his mom. We got a lot of really amazing gifts and I couldn't be happier. That night Adrian's mom made us dinner before she went to a Christmas party. While she was gone Adrian, Gabriel, and I drank cocktails and watched Home Alone. In the morning I made breakfast and we kind of just lounged around all day. It was nice and relaxing. In the early evening we drove home. 1 // 2 // 3
  • New Years eve was weird because we weren't able to watch the ball drop. I think we ended up making some food and watching Scrubs. Or was it Community? I don't remember.. // 1 //
  •  In mid January we were feeling..weird. I don't really know how to explain it. Antsy, I guess? Or maybe just bored. Anyway, we decided we needed to get out of the house so we rented a hotel room in Ontario, which is about a 45 minute drive from our house. We stayed at an Aloft hotel. It was seriously the prettiest hotel I've ever stayed at. I'm considering writing an actual review eventually, so for now I'll just say we had an amazing time. 1 // 2 

  • At the end of January we bought a new mattress and an actual bed frame. We are getting a little too old to still be sleeping on mattresses on the floor and it definitely wasn't doing Adrian's back any favors. It's so comfortable! This prompted us to do a deep clean of our bedroom and I'm happy to say that we've been doing a pretty good job of keeping it clean. 1 // 2

  • Now that all of the holiday craziness is over we're back to our regular routine. I'm mostly reading and watching a lot of you tube videos. I've gotten really into daily vloggers, although it's kind of hard to find good ones. If you have any recommendations, let me know. I've also started exercising somewhat consistently again. I've already noticed a difference so I'm really motivated to keep going. We're also going to try eating a lot healthier in the coming months. We want to come up with a really good meal plan.

Alright, so that was much longer than I originally intended! Finally, I just want to let you know/warn you that I'm probably going to be posting a lot more book related posts in the future. It's something that has kind of taken over most of my free time so that'll be reflected in my posts. I'm so happy to be back to blogging!!

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