Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dream Closet; Room Decor

Recently Adrian and I did a complete clean out of our room. We opened every drawer and cabinet and sorted everything into three piles. Keep, donate/sell, and throw away. The biggest project of them all was my closet. I was holding onto way too many clothes that either didn't fit anymore or I had never, and would never, wear. Since then we've realized there's still a lot of stuff we want to get for our room and change about our room. For example, I really want to paint the walls a light grey. If not grey then at least white. The color right now is an ugly yellowish tan color that the previous owners painted while trying to sell the house.

The color scheme we kind of have going on right now is navy blue, teal green, and white. It's kind of weird, because it wasn't intentional, but everything in our room goes along with those three colors. Our bed spread and pillows are navy and white, our sheets are teal green, we have a cabinet that is all three colors, etc. Those just seem to be the colors we liked best when purchasing stuff for our room

Cleaning our room got me thinking of a few things we need/want to make the room feel complete. Here are a few random things I've been looking at to decorate and/or furnish our room.

1. // Locust Angled Wood Headboard. At the moment we don't have a headboard on our bed. While I don't think it's necessary, it would be nice to have one. Especially after we paint the walls. I know we'll want to protect the wall a little better since we mostly use our laptops on our bed and lean against it. I really like the simplicity of the wood headboard and I really like the lighter wood color. I think it would look really nice with our navy comforter.
2. // Sterling Table Lamp. I just really like the look and color of this lamp. However, I would probably go with something a little more affordable seeing as we'll need to buy two.
3. // Regissor Bookshelf. I've wanted to replace our current bookshelf for a while now. It's also an ikea bookshelf, but it's pretty old (Adrian had it before we met) and it doesn't really go with the other stuff in our room.
4. // Picture Frame Set. I really want to do something with the wall behind our bed. Right now we have two really nice Guardians of the Galaxy posters, but I think I'd prefer to do a photo wall. We both have a lot of really good photos that we love of us and our families and friends. It would be nice to display some.
5. // Triangle Trim Jewelry Stand. Before we cleaned our room I had my necklaces hanging from two hooks next to my mirror, but we removed them. So at the moment I don't have anywhere to hang them. I like this stand because it also has spots to hang earrings (I don't really like having my dangly earrings in my jewelry box). It also has spots for bracelets, which at the moment I have in a drawer in my jewelry box but they don't all fit into it very well.
6. // Roland Nightstand. I've been having trouble finding the exact nightstand I want. This one is pretty close to it. I just want something simple with at least one drawer.
7. // Jada Mini Planter. I just thought this planter was cute and I still would like to have plants in my room. Maybe even a fake one... I somehow killed my last succulent, even though I was told they're nearly impossible to kill. -_-
8. // Flatweave Sweater Wool Area Rug. We have hardwood floors in the entire house, which I do like. It would just be nice to have a rug under our bed so that when I step off in the morning my feet aren't hitting a cold floor. I also never realized how hard it is to keep hard wood floors clean.
9. // Printed Tin Candle (Cactus Flower). I actually received this candle as a gift from my sister last year and I really love it. It's almost gone now so I want to get another one. The smell is so good.

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