Friday, July 10, 2015

What I've Been Up To Since May

This is just a smallish photo dump of some stuff I've been up to for the last couple of months that I haven't been posting. It makes me pretty sad that since I've been filming my days I haven't been taking very many photos. I'm going to try and be better about that. Especially now that I'm doing weekly videos rather than daily.

// I went to the National Orange Show fair with Adrian and his little brother at the end of April. We spent way too much money on snacks (that were pretty disappointing, tbh) but it was a really fun night. I'm glad we got to do something fun with Adrian's youngest brother before leaving town.

// Adrian and I got really into scrapbooking in our Smash books. That died down once we started going through all of our stuff and packing. I'm hoping to continue working on mine once we get more settled and unpacked here.

// On Mother's Day we went to an Angels game with Adrian's mom and brother, Gabriel. It was the first baseball game I've been to since I was a kid (the Frederick Keys!! ha.) and I had so much fun even if I wasn't following the game the whole time.

// I made teriyaki Spam musubi for Adrian and his brother. I can't eat any type of sushi (is musubi considered sushi?) because I hate the taste of nori. I just ate teriyaki and rice which is a favorite of mine anyway. I documented the process of me making the musubi here.

// On Adrian's birthday we went to the casino that's nearby. Pretty much only because he received a free spin voucher and a coupon for dinner. We had a really great time and ate a ton of food at the buffet. I wore lipstick for pretty much the first time ever! Which was kind of weird...ha. I also can't believe how much my hair has grown out since this picture was taken. It's not super long but it's definitely significantly longer that it looks here.

// A goodbye card from one of my co-workers. My last day was pretty sad for me. It almost didn't feel real that I would no longer be working for Target. While there were definitely a lot of lows working for that company, there were also a lot of highs and I'm going to miss (and continue to miss) a lot of the people I met working there.

// We were originally supposed to move on the 15th which meant we were going to be leaving just before a friend of ours was in town. We were really bummed out that we wouldn't get to see him. But as luck (fate?) would have it we had a whole slew of car issues and we had to postpone our trip by a week. We met up with our friend at Downtown Disney for a few drinks. It was really great catching up with him. We miss our VA friends greatly and we think about them all the time. 

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