Friday, July 26, 2013

in my bag;

Posting a 'what's in my bag?' type post was always one of my favorite things to do back in my LiveJournal days. I'm kind of a nosy person and I love seeing what other people carry in their bags. It's just so interesting to see how different and alike everyone is.


1. Makeup bag | EcoTools // 2. Sunglasses | thrifted // 3. Notebook | Smashbook // 4. Notepad | San B Train Station museum // 5. Wallet | Target // 6. Camera // 7. Card pouch | Retro Metro in Frederick, MD (you can also find it online here & here) // 8. Microfiber cloth // 9. Sunscreen // 10. Keys // 11. Sharpie pen I stole from Adrian :p

 I bought my handmade purse at the Cypress College Swap Meet. I absolutely love swap meets! We didn't have any where I'm from and it was such an exciting thing for me when I first visited CA. You can find some amazing deals, just be careful of people trying to scam you and always try to talk the price down. Most people will be willing to drop the price a few bucks if you ask. In fact this purse was originally $15 but Adrian's mom was able to talk the nice woman into dropping the price to $10 if we bought two. It worked out because my sister was able to get one too!

What essentials do you always carry in your bag?

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