Wednesday, August 14, 2013

a few moments from my day;

Today is hot, Like, really hot. The ride home from work was absolutely stifling. Having black leather seats is the worst! It makes me miss my Jeep Cherokee even more than I already do. My parents have it now, although I hear they rarely drive it. I wish I could just ship it over here in a package. That was my dream car. Anyway! The point is that it's too hot here and I can't wait for the weather to chill out.

On another completely different note, word of advice: always check the Dollar Spot at Target! It's that spot by the front doors, usually behind the carts. They always have such cool little things there. I got those books for a $1 each. They're not the most amazing quality, but for a dollar they're pretty great. Right now they also have a lot of cool little dorm room themed things. Adrian really liked the post-its that look like a hamburger when they're all stacked up.

This has been a really random post. You're welcome!

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