Friday, August 9, 2013

crash tragic;

In August of 2011 I created a daily photo Tumblr called Crash Tragic. The name comes from one of my favorite song by an Australian band called Operator Please. While I loved taking and uploading pictures for this tumblr, I was getting kinda frustrated with not being able to upload straight from my phone. I stopped updating it as frequently and I was disappointed in myself because I really wanted it to truly be a "daily" photo blog and I wasn't doing a very good job of it.

I admit the pictures are kind of odd, but I really loved (and still love) them. The app I used is FXcam on the ToyCam setting. I believe the app is only available for Android phones. Even though there are a lot of great iPhone camera apps FXcam holds a special place in my heart. Some of my favorite photos I've taken was with that app.

I've decided to start using the tumblr again without the "daily" stipulation and just upload pictures whenever I feel like it. I tend to stress myself out whenever I put too many restrictions on myself. It just feels easier to upload pictures whenever I have some that I love, rather than feel forced to upload because of my own made up rules. The pictures I've uploaded recently definitely have a much different look to them, but I'm thinking of trying to go back to a similar style that I had before. Or maybe just experiment with both, I don't know. Like I said: no rules this time!

Head on over here if you're interested to see more of my old, and now new pictures. If you're been reading my blog some of them will look pretty familiar.

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