Monday, September 9, 2013

music monday; iamx & sneaker pimps

I don't know if it's the start of a very nostalgic season to me or what, but lately I've been getting back into a lot of bands and musicians that I haven't listened to in a long time. Lately I've gotten back into Sneaker Pimps and IAMX. I started listening to Sneaker Pimps again because they have a huge presence in my fall season mixes and I was reminded of IAMX when my sister texted me the other night about of his newer albums.

Sneaker Pimps is a 'trip-hop' band (whatever that means) from the UK. The band is no longer together, but Sneaker Pimps consisted of Chris Corner, Liam Howe, Joe Wilsin, David Westlake, Ian Pickering, and for their first album only Kelli Dayton (she now goes as Kelli Ali). After their first album Becoming X they decided Chris Corner's voice was more suited for the sound they were going for and Kelli was asked to leave the band. If you listened to my fall music mix you would have heard their song 6 Underground.

IAMX is a solo project of Chris Corner. I guess the genre would be considered electric rock or dance music. I'm terrible when it comes to knowing music genres.

You can listen to some of my favorite songs of theirs at grooveshark.

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