Monday, December 23, 2013

our great and then not so great weekend;

You know how sometimes you have this great idea of what your weekend is going to be? I always get excited if we have plans and I envision what it's going to be like and what we're going to do. Sometimes it turns out exactly like, or even better, than planned and other times it goes really really wrong. This weekend was one of those times.

We originally didn't plan to do much of anything this past weekend since Adrian has been having some really bad back and leg pain, but then Adrian's mom offered to buy us an alarm for our car. It was recently broken into right in front of our house, which is really nice to think about. -_- Anyways, so since she wanted to do that for us we drove to Anaheim Friday afternoon after work. We can't go all the way there without going to Disneyland, even with Adrian being in pain, so we picked up Gabriel on the way and we went for a few hours. We had a nice time. Adrian got called on stage during the show at the Golden Horseshoe, I got to try the fried apple burrito (delicious!), and we finally got to see the gorgeous holiday decorations. We didn't think we were going to see them at all this year. It's a Small World was definitely my favorite. At one point there was really realistic fake snow. It was pretty magical. Once it became too much for Adrian we headed back to his mom's apartment for the night.

The next morning our plans were to go pick up a package from my grandma that was mistakenly sent to Adrian's old address and then get the alarm installed. As Adrian and I were leaving to pick up the package we ended up in a minor (for us) car accident. As I was edging out of my space on the street, in a construction zone I might add, a woman with a car full of people was driving too fast and not paying attention (by her own admission) to the cars parked on the street. I don't know if she changed lanes and didn't see my car sticking out, because I was checking my mirror at the time and I didn't see anyone coming. I hate when things like that happen and I can't quite remember exactly what was going on at the time and everything feels like it happened so quickly. Our car didn't end up with too much damage, thankfully. But it was/is very stressful. This is the second accident I've been in (I was hit by a drunk driver an hour away from on my way back from school a few years back), but it is the first time I've actually had to deal with all of the insurance and everything. It really makes me wish I was still a kid and my dad could just handle everything. Heh.

It's just really unfortunate because it was something so easily avoidable and it really put a damper on the rest of the weekend and it can have such lasting effects on your mind. Because I get stressed out about stuff very easily I try not to dwell on things too much and I try to keep myself in a good mood after bad things happen, but I knew that wouldn't be very easy for Adrian. He already has a fear of cars, and driving in general, and on top of that he's been so worried about money lately. I know this is something that is going to be on his mind for a while. It's the same thing when our car was broken into. It's not just about the things that were taken out of the car, it's knowing that someone you don't know forced their way into your personal space and did it somewhere where you're supposed to feel safe and comfortable. I can't even imagine how people who have had their homes invaded must feel.

Wow! That really went off topic and was much longer than planned. Sorry! Onto happier things, I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas eve! Where did the month go? Yesterday I spent a few hours baking in the kitchen. I made lots of fun things to eat and it's killing me not to eat all of them right now! But I have to save some for Christmas day which we will be spending at Adrian's Grandmas house. Do you have any special plans for Christmas?

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