Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bedroom Planning.

Last night Adrian and I were discussing upgrading our bedroom situation, particularly our bed. At the moment we're sleeping on 4 stacked twin mattresses that are directly on the floor making up a queen bed. I have no problem with this aside from the fact that my side is very uncomfortable and the mattresses don't like to stay together very well. We figured it's about time we got an adult bed. We realized the cheapest way to go about this is Ikea, so we're going to start saving up for that. All this talk about bedrooms and looking around on Ikea's website got me thinking of how I'd like our room to look. Here is some of my bedroom inspiration.

 01 // 02 // 03 // 04

I'm hoping to start working on our bedroom this year to try and create a space I'm happy with. Right now it's a little more cluttered than I'd like. We just own too much stuff! It drives me crazy. Ideally I would like for it to be done by this Summer so I can do a room tour. We'll see!

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