Monday, January 27, 2014

This weekend

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Originally we didn't have any plans for this weekend but we had kicked around the idea of going to Anaheim. After work we decided we'd just stay home, but then Adrian's mom called him and invited us so we decided to go after all. I'm glad we did. I've been feeling a little cooped up lately after being sick last week and Adrian still not feeling too good.

So late afternoon on Friday we quickly packed a bag and set off for Anaheim. Our tradition when going there for the weekend is to visit Disneyland Friday night and then spend the rest of the weekend with Adrian's family. We walked around the park, as much as Adrian's legs would let him, got dinner and spent some gift card money on mini Disney figurines. I've been eyeing them for a while, and I've always been pretty jealous of Adrian's mom's collection. They were having a deal so we did some quick math and figured out we'd be able to get away with buying 39 of them (they come in random packs of 3). I'm hoping to either thrift or make some kind of display case for them. 

Saturday afternoon we went to Ikea with Adrian's mom. She was looking for some furniture for her apartment and we wanted to check out some bed options. I think we found a really good mattress. I can't wait to get it! Walking through there made me really miss having an apartment, and hopefully late this year or next year Adrian and I will have a place of our own again. We considered returning home early and leaving Saturday night. Apparently walking through Ikea for hours when you have sciatica is not a good decision :p, but we ended up staying a second night. We worked on a Bambi puzzle with Adrian's mom and then when she went out Adrian, Gabriel, and I got dinner and watched SNL. It was a really relaxed night. We drove home around 1pm on Sunday which was a great decision. It was a much better drive than when we usually leave in the evening. We drove with the windows down and Adrian took a nap the whole way home. It was really peaceful.

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