Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Oh, car problems..

I feel like the car we have is cursed, straight up. Since moving here and getting this car it's had a ridiculous amount of problems, tires especially. Friday afternoon was the worst of it so far. We were running an errand after work when the front driver side tire had a blow out. It was on a super busy street, too. That would have just been an annoyance and we could have moved on with our day. However, when Adrian was changing the tire one of the bolts that the lug nuts screw on to (does any of that even make sense?) broke off. Which, again, would have sucked but still been fine if the one right next to it wasn't already broken off. See? Cursed! We drove home very slowly with only two bolts holding the tire on. Thankfully we weren't on the freeway when all of this happened. We should have been but for whatever reason I decided to take the streets home that day.

Adrian's brother came over here from Anaheim on Sunday to try and help Adrian fix it. So far they've run into a bunch of problems. What should have been a relatively simple fix has turned into Adrian and I having to call out of work tomorrow and Adrian's dad taking off work to help them take it to a shop and get it fixed. At this point we're considering getting a new car, with all the problems we've run into it seems like it would make more sense financially. So until it gets fixed we're without a car. I've never needed/wanted to go to so many places as I have since this tire stuff happened. Here's hoping it gets fixed before this weekend because we were planning to help Adrian's mom rearrange her apartment.

On the upside, I just want to put it out there that I am so grateful to have people like Adrian's brother and Dad in our life. They were able to basically drop what they're doing and help us out. I don't know what we'd do when trouble like this comes up and we didn't have family around. As homesick as I keep getting for my family, it's comforting to have Adrian's here with us.

In conclusion, this car sucks and I will always miss my Jeep Cherokee.


  1. That sucks! I hope you guys find something soon!

    this car sucks and I will always miss my Jeep Cherokee.

    1. They got the car fixed today, so hopefully it will last.

      Shut up! I loved that car. :p