Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Trip to Fort Bragg, CA | Part One | Travel & Around Town

Last Friday evening we set off to meet my dad, my younger sister, and her boyfriend for dinner and a movie. We ate at Fire+Ice at the GardenWalk in Anaheim and then we went to Downtown Disney to see Captain America 2. The food was great and I loved the movie. I think the CA movies are my favorite of all the Marvel movies so far.

The next morning my dad picked Adrian and I up from Adrian's mom's apartment and we set off for Fort Bragg, CA. It's about 2 hours North of San Fransisco and about a 10 hour drive from Anaheim. The drive there flew by, probably because I was talking the entire time. My dad rented a convertible while he was staying in California. Though cramped for the drive, especially for Adrian in the back seat, it was nice for when we got to Highway 20. Highway 20 is a windy road about 30 miles long and it's full of Redwoods! It was gorgeous and the only time during the drive that we had the top down.

We were pretty hungry when we got into town, so as soon as my sister's boyfriend got home from work we went straight to dinner. We had really good pizza at a local pizza place and then we tried out the ice cream at an ice cream shop called Cowlick's. Apparently they make their ice cream fresh everyday. I had chocolate chip cookie dough and mocha almond fudge. It was really good. After that we hung out for a bit at their house until bedtime.

Sunday morning we had breakfast at a Wizard of Oz themed restaurant called Eggheads. I was never able to figure out how the name fit into the theme, but maybe you guys know? The food was great, although a little pricey. $5 for a side of bacon is too much for me.

I took so many pictures on this trip so I have to split it into three parts, so look for the second part (maybe) tomorrow.

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